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tv   News 13 11 Saturday  ABC  January 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> whitney: breaking news tonight in the search for a missing blacksburg girl. just a short time ago, police confirmed that 13-year-old nicole madison, lovell was found dead.
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devastating news tonight in a press conference. >> this has been an extremely fast-moving investigation in the last 12 hours. saturday night, the investigation led us to david e. eisenhauer, a virginia tech student here in blacksburg. the discovery of nicole was through the commonwealth's attorney. and we have just charged eisenhauer with first-degree murder. >> whitney: police say lovell's body was found in surrey count near the north carolina border. eisenhauer was arrested and charged with abduction in this case, and is now charged with first-degree murder. police did not release lovell's cause of death. a vigil for nichole tonight went on as scheduled. the community is coming
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here's what we know about the case so far. nichole was reported missing on monday. her mother says that she believes her daughter may have snuck out of her bedroom window some time that night. and nichole went days without vital medication she needed after undergoing a liver transplant child. eisenhauer is originally from columbia, maryland, and last year he was one of the top runners in the state before signing on to run cross country for tech. but officials say that he was placed on immediate suspension from the team. and tech sent out a statement this afternoon saying that in the case of a felony arrest, the university has the authority to place a student on immediate interim suspension. the entire virginia tech community extends its support to nichole's family and friends. now, officials also say that
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school's core of cadets assisted in the search for nichole. her body has been sent to the medical examiner's office. virginia state police are searching for a west virginia man who fled from a trooper during an attempted traffic night. just after midnight, police saw a vehicle stopped on the side of route 311. the troop at her stopped to check on the week. the driver, andrew, allen arnold, sped away. the trooper pursued the car and arnold crashed. the event is still under investigation and additional charges are pending. >> and now a check to our weather. it was a beautiful saturday with lots of sunshine. just what we like to see. and the temperatures were comfortable for january.
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>> will: we saw sunshine today. and we'll look for clear skies tonight. some high and cirrus level clouds. skies. it won't be as cold tonight as last night. we'll have a bit of a southerly breeze. we'll see temperatures warmer for sunday-monday. here's a look at the next few hours. overnight temperatures in the middle 30s. 36 and 35, the popular numbers on the board. if you like sunday, you're more than likely going to like monday. >> whitney: thank you, will. police say no one has been arrested after deadly violence broke out at a motorcycle show in denver. one person was killed and six others were injured during the
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josh st. george has the story. >> several shooting victims inside. >>reporter: multiple victims and one dead after a fight denver. >> people scattered after we heard gunshots. >> reporter: denver health reports at least nine rushed to area hospitals. >> it happened on the stairwell. and there was monguls beating up another guy. >> at this time, we don't have anybody in custody. >> reporter: this all appeared to happen in the western national complex next to the coliseum. >> we don't have any information that any firefighters or law enforcement officers were hurt. >> reporter: it is the
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the admission was $15 and thousands were inside at the time. there is no word on the cause of the violence. the man says that unfortunately biker violence has become common. >> if you're a rider, you know. if you see club members, you go. >> whitney: presidential candidate bernie sanders brought his campaign to our area today with the opening of his office on franklin road. and it officially opened to the public today. sanders announced he was opening another office in fairfax county. virginia is one of the 11 super tuesday states voting on march 1st.
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>> whitney: a fundraiser was held this afternoon to support a bedford firefighter who was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer this past thanksgiving.
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immediate bone marrow transplant, and he found a match, but his family is coping with the cost. >> courtney: family, friends, and firefighters gathered to support one of their own. >> we're practically brothers. >> reporter: mc-- denver's great aunt kay came up with the idea to offset the cost of grandmother medical bills. >> i have all my friends and family. and i said i need all your support for denver. >> courtney: and it worked. people came out to bowl while others just donated. >> we sat down and cried. i just want him to be healthy
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he's only 21 years old and he deserves to enjoy his life. >> courtney: the last four months have been a whirlwind. his diagnosis came before the holidays. just before the new year, doctors said they found a bone marrow match. now, he's prepping for a surgery. >> i'd rather just get down there and get it over with. >> courtney: so he can finally get back to doing what he loves. >> finally trying to pursuemy career in the fire department again. >> whitney: wow. we wish him the best luck. >> will: absolutely. >> whitney: we are on the way to a beautiful sunday.
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su >> will: take a trip up north. we'll go up to wintergreen from and they have just turned the lights off on the slopes. and a little warm in nelson county, and that's okay. a lot of manmade snow on the slopes. 23 degree dew point. and the camera bobbing because of that wind out of the south at six. 38 danville, 36 roanoke. 40 farmville. 43 in eng lsfield and hot springs. hillsville at 40. you can tell there is a high level of cirrus clouds floating around from time to time. and that will be the case overnight as well. a big area of high pressure blocking out everything.
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is in illinois, iowa and out west. and it will stay there for another day. we'll get a southerly flow on the way for tomorrow afternoon. temperatures once again will be warmer. maybe even 12 degrees warmer for tomorrow afternoon. our attention will turn to this boundary coming through the area on monday. tuesday, we'll be looking at cooler conditions temporarily. and our temperatures will rise just a little bit more before this boundary comes in on wednesday. and after that we're getting hit with reality. today our official high was 50 degrees. sunday we could do about 12 better than that at 62. equally as warm on the way for monday. and it's not just us experiencing the warmer temperatures. d.c. is nearing 60. raleigh and atlanta are nearing 70 fortomorrow afternoon. monday cincinnati is checking in at 53 degrees. that's part of cooler weather that will come here for
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monday, a 20% chance of a shower. wedge. and a decent chance with another boundary for wednesday. clear skies tonight and another boundary coming in tomorrow night. and the weak boundary coming in on the way for monday giving us that two in ten rain chance. overnight temperatures right around freezing. and as we mentioned, not a bad day on the slopes tomorrow. a lot of manmade slopes. if you're staying closer to how, how about 62 for the high in lynchburg? 62 bedford. 61 lovingston. 64 dillwyn. southside, martinsville, danville, south boston. mid-60s. the lake going to 64. harrisburg may spend the day
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groundhog day, 55. wednesday, rain and 61. and thursday-saturday dry but temperatures middle 40s. >> whitney: all right.
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good news for tennis >> whitney: sinclair broadcast group, the parent company of this station, is expanding further into entertainment program. as kia jackson tells us -- >> reporter: with rights to the top 100 tennis tournaments in the world, only 24 hour channel in the game is the tennis channel. >> it's exciting obviously. we are all about bringing the world's greatest tennis to the
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>> reporter: tennis channel now becomes a part of sinclair broadcast group. it's part of the company's commitment to providing news and entertainment throughout the country. and soon more people will have access to tennis channel. the network will reach 50 million homes in the u.s. >> we have gotten to a certain point. and now sinclair can unlock that and make that available to the united states. >> it's a mainstream point. the production values are the equivalent of espn. and the announcers are world-class. some of the best tennis players are on the air. >> reporter: sinclair and tennis channel will also work toward advancing the net
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>> whether it's mobile or on tennis channel plus. it's really, really exciting. >> being part of a bigger group, i think, is going to create other potential for both promotion and perhaps for improving their programming beyond the first-class level that it's at today. >> whitney: las vegas could become the new home of the n.f.l.'s oakland raiders. and the move might come with a brand new stadium. talks are still ongoing. the stadium would cost $1 billion. other similar talks to move sports teams to vegas have fallen through. the raiders' first choice was los angeles. a lot of teems doing switches lately. >> reporter: las vegas has been trying for years.
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able to keep up. >> reporter: it's hard, you have to read a lot about it. we had a lot of basketball action today.
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. >> reporter: in the last road game, u.v.a. rallied with eight points down. the cavs just came in 2 and 4 on the road. but they were in control here of 29-14 in the half. in the second, hill was spot off, but missed a three. the follow up jam. and hill is going to dish it to thompson and coby for the 2-handed flush. u.v.a. shoots 58% from the field.
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and to gill again for the dunk. and the virginia d. stifles the cardinals. the cavs win it 63-47. lynchburg hornets men hoping to keep their winning ways going in the o.d.a.c. hosting eastern mennonite today. hornets up in the half. lynchburg starts to pull away. up four now. white will spin his way inside. the one-handed layup there. and big game for hamilton. and 17 points for hamilton. the hornets get an 84-73 win. scott says he's happy for the win. >> i just think you've got to be consistent. you know, we can't have roller coaster where we play well for a half or five minutes.
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that's got to be our normal. >> reporter: and randolph played host to shenandoah. opening seconds, brown got the wild cats off to a fast start. and scott hit back to back jumpers for randolph. the cavs tried to create separation. the hornets would have none of that. gonzalez drills the three. and randolph led this game by nine with just over five minutes left. but the hornets scored the buzzer to force overtime. the cavs missed a three. shenandoah wins 65-63. and v.m.i. on the road at citadel. and v.m.i. is just two at half-time. second half in transition. pederson drives to the basket
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and the keydets try to put it away. the bulldogs do rally back. peterson held to 14 points. not enough. keydets fall 78-75. the lady flames welcomed in high point, and they welcomed in ashley rininger. she leads l.u. on a fast start. rien and adams gets it in. and l.u. wins 56-33. and to the scoreboard. gilbert takes an overtime win against the generals.
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and wesleyan wins over roanoke. the flames welcome winthrop to the wine center on tuesday. on the women's says. mennonite takes care of roanoke. and at turner gym, the lynchburg college women take down shenandoah 67-34. shenandoah had just 24% from the field. and lynchburg travels to roanoke on wednesday. week four of abc-13's "full court press" is in the books. if you missed all the action, we've got the entire show at you can find the links also on our "full court press" facebook fan page and on twitter. host hard grave won over e.c. glass. and staunton river downed
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and glenvar takes care of the blues. and the 6er's said we could do this. and isaiah with the three ask the foul. and curry's pass stolen. and the dunk and the tie at 1:05. and curry shows it to green, and barns in the corner. and curry is 23.
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>> will: my 6ers are >> whitney: check out the newest edition to zoo miami. this little tiger cub was born the zoo in november. after getting shots and gaining strength, he was introduced to his new habit. he posed for picks and played
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the zoo says the cub won't live in the exhibit yet, but needs to be exposed to it. the biggest football weekend of the year is right around the corner, and one of the oldest carolina panthers fans is getting ready to cheer her team on. we caught up with 94-year-old mary ward to find out her plans for the game. >> reporter: mary ward turned on channel nine to watch the panthers' pride rally today. team. >> i live the panthers. i don't watch none of it except the panthers. the only time i watch the others is when they're playing the panthers. >> reporter: ward says it was her great grandson who turned her into a fan by asking her to watch the game 25 years ago. >> i just love them all, but cam is the one that i cater to.
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we have good players. and he's a good sportsman. what i like about all of them, they all play like the sport is supposed to be played. >> reporter: mary -- >> whitney: very nice. i'm a big carolina panthers
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